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Tour Code:JI-SHA03
Shanghai- Suzhou Lingering Garden & Zhouzhuang Water Village One Day Tour (Join-in Tour)
Duration:1 Day(s)
Price from:(per person)

CNY 960

Departure/Pick-up from:


Main Destination :Shanghai
Traffic between Cities:


Departure Date:Daily

Suzhou, a cultural and historical city in east China, is celebrated around the world for its elegant gardens. Laid out within a limited area by the house, a classical garden of Suzhou is a microcosm of the world made of the basic elements of water, stones, plants and different kinds of buildings with literary allusions. All classical gardens of Suzhou, like shining pearls, are a brilliant part of Chinese cultural heritage. Zhouzhuang is a famous ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River of China. Located in the southeast of Suzhou City, the town is a peaceful and secluded place, filled with ancient style buildings. Zhouzhuang is a popular tourist destination. It is one of the most famous water townships in China, noted for its profound cultural background, the well preserved ancient residential houses, the elegant watery views and the strong local colored traditions and customs. It has been called the "Venice of the East". Join our daily tour and enjoy your extraordinary sights.


The Map of Zhouzhuang Water Town:

Day 1
Dining:Chinese Lunch
Pick up service by your tour guide and driver at 8:00

Suzhou City–Driving Time(2 hours)

Suzhou Lingering Garden - Sightseeing (1 hour 20 minutes)

Ancient Suzhou Silk Museum- Sightseeing (40 minutes)

Local Restaurant-Lunch (1 hour)

Zhou Zhuang–Driving Time(2 hours)

Zhou Zhuang Water Village -Sightseeing (2 hours).

Drive back to Shanghai and drop-off service at your hotel before 18:00.


More detail about Lingering Garden

With more than 500 years history, Liu Yuan (the Lingering Garden) was renovated several times and now it remains its appearance in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD). As one of the largest gardens in Suzhou, the Lingering Garden is divided into four distinct areas by buildings with many small courtyards throughout. The architectural elements occupy one third of the space. This garden is known for its many carefully placed doors and patterned windows, each of which serves to frame the scene to be viewed from it. The sections are connected by a long roofed corridor which shapes itself to the changing terrain. The Lingering Garden contains 373 steles inscribed with the works of more than a hundred calligraphers from six dynasties (1700 years ago) which serve to illustrate the development of Chinese calligraphy over 1000 years.


More about The Lingering Garden at its official website: http://www.gardenly.com/ .

The Map of the Lingering Garden



The Middle Part of the Lingering Garden


The East Part of the Lingering Garden

(Five Peak Immortals House (left) & Cloud Capped Peak, one of the 3 best lime stones in China (right))


The lattice window and the floor pattern in the garden


More detail about ancient Zhouzhuang Town:

About 1.5 hour west of Shanghai, lies Zhouzhuang, the "Venice of the Orient," close and small enough for a quick day trip from Shanghai - it is located around 30 km to the southeast of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, around 70km to the west of the Shanghai center. It enjoys its great reputation home and abroad for its profound cultural background, the well preserved ancient residential houses, the elegant water views and the traditional customs.


Zhouzhuang, meaning Zhous village was named after Zhou Digong in the Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD) who donated more than 13-hectare of his land as the field for the Quanfu Temple. Famed as No.1 water village in China with a 900 year history, Zhouzhuang is an ancient town featuring great cultural traditions and unique architecture surrounded by water with many tributaries. In an area of half a square kilometer (124 acres), 60 percent of the Zhouzhuangs structures were built during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties, consisting of nearly 100 classic courtyards and 60 carved brick archway door. The four streams in the town including Chenghu, Baixian, Dianshan and Nanhu, which flow through the town in a criss-cross fashion, earning the town the epithet of “The Venice of China”.  


Most of the residences were built in Ming (1368-1644) or Qing Dynasties (1644-1911). They were well preserved to its original appearance. The most amazing house displays the viewing that a boat can enter the property via the front gate and sail through the courtyard.


Zhouzhuang has altogether 14 bridges with unique bridge structures which makes Zhouzhuang stand out from other water towns. The Twin Bridges are the most renowned.


With more than 800 years history, Zhouzhuang gained its fame only till 1985 because of a painting by Chen Yifei. The painting, "Remembrance of My Hometown", depicted the very Twin Bridges. It was exhibited in a New York gallery, and triggered the public’s interest in this stunningly pristine village. Then it was chosen to be the first-day cover of the United Nations postage stamp in 1985.


Now Zhouzhuang is listed as one of the top 50 attractions in China and roughly 1 million travelers were attracted to this village every year. 


You may know more about Zhouzhuang Ancient Town at its website: http://www.zhouzhuang.com/. 



Note: Visiting time,transporting time and the duration of shows and meals in the above itinerary are for reference only and will be subject to change accoring to the real situation.

Join-in Pick-Up Tour Price:

RMB960 per person    

     (Please note that minimum booking is 2 person for financial equivalent thereof.)

From the 3rd tourist, the price is RMB480 per perosn.

Price includes

Hotel pick-up & drop-off service,
English-speaking tour guide.
Air-conditioned tour van or bus.
Entrance tickets to the attractions as listed in the itinerary.
Chinese lunch


* Tips is highly appreciated but not requested


Please Note:  

1. The tour itinerary described above may change or cancel because of force majeure. If because of force majeure or any conditions and/or situation which are not under the control of Shanghai Elite Tours happens (such as the problem of airlines, train, ship, public bus and any other public traffic means, the sudden change of weather, temporary road problem…) and/or accidental situation such as tourists will endanger the personal safety and property safety problem, and/or any other accidental situation which are unforeseen, unavoidable and insurmountable by Shanghai Elite Tours, this tour can not be accomplished as scheduled, Shanghai Elite Tours will not bear the responsibility.
2. The sequence of the activities in the itinerary maybe will be changed according to the situation.
3. Tourists should pay attention to the safety during the tour and the during the time when tourists arrange the activities themselves (such as during the meal time, shopping time, rest time, go to toilet and so on…)
4. Shanghai Elite Tours is NOT a medical institution, and can only provide the tour and/or trip and/or conference service (if any). Every tourist should also know the health situation of them own, and tourists should guarantee their health condition can meet the needs of this tour.
5. Guide and/or driver represent Shanghai Elite Tours only when the guide and/or driver serve tourists according to the Itinerary. If tourist asks guide and/or driver to add more service item and this kind of item does not been approved by Travel Service Company in written form, Travel Service Company will not take any responsibility to the added item.

Tour Reservation Procedure:

1. Please view the itinerary and quotation listed in our website.

2. Contact Shanghai Elite Tours to tell us your desired tour itinerary, tour date, tourists name and head count of total tourists, your contact information, such as phone number, Wechat, E-mail address.

3. If you need us to buy the tour accident insurance for you (Paid by Shanghai Elite Tours, free of charge for tourists. And the deadline to buy the insurance is one day before the tour), please also tell us your passport number, birthday and gender. Thanks.

4. After we reserved everything OK, we will confirm to our tourists. Then you can pay to us according to the following way.

5. The guides info, includes guides name and mobile phone number, will be told to tourist one day before the tour at the latest. And the tour guide or our office will contact tourist one day before your tour at the latest, to confirm the exact pickup time based on your preference. We will contact you by phone or E-mail or Wechat or in some other way. Anyway, we will try to confirm these info to you as early as possible. 


If by 6 pm one day before the tour, you still don’t receive the E-mail or a call or a message at your hotel desk or the Wechat message for the tour departure info, please call us at 139 0176 5092. We will aim to resolve any problem immediately. Thank you very much!.


How to Make the Payment:

1) Pay in Cash to us,

We can get to your address to collect the payment from you if your address is in downtown Shanghai.


Or you can also get to our office to pay to us if you are convenient. The address of our office is: 6th Floor, 396 Jinling Road East, Huangpu District, very near to the People Square. The detail map of our office building can be found at: http://www.tripww.com/about/1.html


2) Transfer money to Alipay


You can also scan the following QR Code of our Alipay to pay to us:


3) Transfer money to Wechat

13901765092 (Adam Yu)

You can also scan the following QR Code of our Wechat to pay to us:


4) Bank Transfer

A. Transfer money to bank account  

    Bank of China: 601382 0800088245467

    Pay to 于时凡

B. Transfer money to bank account

    ICBC: 6222 0810 0100 1773 807

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C. Transfer money to bank account

    China Merchants Bank: 6225 8821 1083 7728

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D. Transfer money to bank account

    Agricultural Bank of China: 622848 0039158293579 

    Pay to 于时凡 

For the above bank transfer, please kindly get to the same bank of the above bank account at your side, and choose immediately transferring money. Then the money can be immediately arrive at my bank account. I can get the bank notice at my mobile phone immediately. Thanks.


Or to our company bank account:





Company Account in English:
Beneficiarys Bank:      


SWIFT BIC :                    


Beneficiarys A/C NO.   


Beneficiarys Name:     

Shanghai Elite Tours International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Beneficiarys Address:  

         601 Xujiahui Road, Shanghai, China


5) In Credit Card

You can pay us in credit card. But we will have to add 3% on the total amount which the bank handles as the bank service fee. For instance, if the payment is RMB1000 by cash, if paid in credit card, the total payment is RMB1000/97%=RMB1030.92. 


For the 1st time tourist, we have to ask the torurist to pay to us in credit card face to face. We can also bring the mobile care machine to your address if it is in downtown Shanghai.


For the regular tourist of us, you only need to give us your credit card number and the expiry month of this card. And write the following authorization sentences to us via E-mail or Wechat or Mobile Short Message: 


I authorize Shanghai Elite Tours International Travel Service Co., Ltd. to draw the payment of RMBxxxx (Include bank service fee) from this card of mine.


My credit card information is as follows,

Card number:

Expiry Month:


Then we can draw the money from your credit card in the card machine in our office.


Afterwards we will photo the credit card payment memo, and E-mail or Wechat this memo to you.


My Request: * 

(leave your phone number so that we can serve you better.)
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