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      线路名称: 2-Day Holiday at Wuzhen (the Best Water Town in China) from Shanghai with Traffic+Hotel Service
      天 数: 2天 
      往返交通: Car/Bus 
      最后更新: 2019/7/15 
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      Why we suggest this Traffic+Hotel holiday itinerary? 

      Having a leisure holiday in an ancient town with traditional slow pace village lifestyles and soft water rhythm would be a nice experience for who wanna to be free from metropolitan stresses and troubles. 


      In the south of the Yangtze River Delta near Shanghai, there are many secluded and peaceful ancient water towns. They have in common ancient bridges, flagstone streets, well-proportioned waterfront houses with whitewashed wall and black tile roofs varying in height, charming watercourses and streets running parallel to each other. But Wuzhen seems to contain richer historical and cultural flavors, maybe because it boasts the best conservation project among all of the ancient towns in Yangtze River Delta, most venerated history and least modern influences. Now it is commonly known that Wuzhen is the best preserved water town in China. Together with Nanxun, Xitang in Zhejiang Province and Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Luzhi in Jiangsu Province, Wuzhen received a UNESCO Asian-Pacific Heritage Award for its preservation of traditional architecture. When the local people opened the ancient riverine town of Wuzhen to visitors in early 2001, they were determined to avoid the tacky mix of tourist restaurants and souvenir shops that has swamped other nearby water towns. Wuzhen has been preserved rather than restored, lovingly kept rather than tarted up, and its ancient ways of life maintained. Most of all, Wuzhen is still a living town, where daily life goes on seemingly unimpeded by a growing trickle of visitors. 


      Wuzhen, a town with a history of 1200 years, is only around 2 hours drive from Shanghai. It is divided in two parts of touristic interest: Xizha (West Wuzhen) and Dongzha (East Wuzhen).  Xizha has a special charm, it is renovated with the investment of around 1 Billion Chinese dollar. Now The ancient Xizha Street is one of the best-kept architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties in China. There are residential area, workshop area, culture area, ancient college, temples and Pagoda, gardens, bridges, dining area, shopping area, all of these feature local traditions and customs.


      The night view in Xizha (West Part of Wuzhen) boasts one of the best night view sceneries in China – it is the fairyland you never dreamed. 


      More about Wuzhen Town at its official website: http://www.wuzhen.com.cn/english/index.asp 


      Suggested Tour Attractions You could Visit in Wuzhen:
      The East Part of Wuzhen:

      Fragrant Hill Hall, Jiangnan Hundred Beds Showroom, Jujia Folk Customs Exhibition Hall, Gong Sheng Grains Wopkshop, Blue calico Workshop, jiangnan Wood Carving Showroom, Yu Liuliang’s Coin Display Room, The Former Residence of Mao Dun, Ancient Opera Stage, Xiuzhen Taoist Temple, The Former Residence of an Imperial Academy Member, Hui Yuan Pawn House.


      West Part of Wuzhen:

      Soy-Sauce Workshop, Yichang Foundry Workshop, Memorial Hall for Mr. Maodun, Wang Hui-wu Memorial Hall, Kong Ling-jing Memorial Hall, Waterside Garden, Zhaoming Academy, Footing-biding Museum, Wuzhen Post Office, Hengyitang Chinese Herb Pharmacy, Double Decker Hall, Temple of General Wu, Yida Silk Workshop, White Lotus Pagoda, Temple of God Guan, Wenchang Pavilion.


      You can find the situation of the famous ancient Water Towns near Shanghai in Yangtze River Delta at this map, 

      6 Most Famous Water Towns:

      Wuzhen, Nanxun, Xitang, Tongli, Luzhi, Zhouzhuang.


      Some other Water Towns in this area: 

      Zhujiajiao, Jinxi, Mudu, Luxiang, Huishan. 


      In 2003,the protecting project of the Yangtze River Water Towns (including Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Luzhi, Nanxun, Wuzhen and Xitang) was granted the Award of Distinction by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation. It has helped make the project a model for repairing and conserving other cultural relics. By car, you can easily take one day tour to any one of these towns from Shanghai. 


      These small towns, with their black tiled, oil-painted timber framework houses, that contrast sharply with its white walls and gray flagging, brings to mind a Chinese ink and wash painting. The rivers running through the town were once the main means of transportation for local people, but these days is little used, other than for festive celebrations, when bulk cargo is shipped in. The window sills of the houses on the banks of the river are further extended with boards, on which flowers, plants and bonsai bloom in the warm sunshine, adding a touch of life and color to this tranquil, old style towns. 


      There are many well-preserved Ming (1368-1644 AD) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) buildings in these towns, formerly the homes of those rich enough to escape the social turbulence of centuries past. They chose these towns as the place to build their homes for its out-of-the-way location and convenient transportation, the same reasons these towns retains such an authentic feeling today. 


      Go to Water Towns near Shanghai, looking for peace in your heart... 


      More about The Ancient Waterfront Towns in the South of Yangtze River at UNESCO website: http://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/5328/

      The Map of the West Part of Wuzhen Town:


      Some Photos of the West Part of Wuzhen Town:





      1. How many days it would be suitable to stay at Wuzhen?

      Normally 2 Days / 1Night at Wuzhen Town is enough. 


      2. How to get to Wuzhen from Shanghai? 

      1) Rent a private car 

      The most convenient way is to arrange a private car service to Wuzhen from Shanghai. It will take around 2 or 3 hours one way between Shanghai and Wuzhen. But I am afraid that it is also the most expensive way. For instance, 2 Days rental of 9 seats car (seat number includes the seat of the driver) is RMB2360 (including highway fee, parking fee and 4 meals for the driver, But exclude the accommodation of driver in Wuzhen, it is around RMB150)


      2) To take the long distance bus:

      One way long distance bus from Shanghai South Long Distance Bus Station (by the side of Shanghai South Railway Station) to Wuzhen is around RMB60 per person. It will take around 2 hours one way. But in Shanghai, our travel service company can only buy the one way Shanghai->Wuzhen Bus Ticket for our tourists and we will add our service fee on it. We have no way to buy the Wuzhen-Shanghai long distance bus ticket in Shanghai. Tourists have to buy it at Wuzhen Bus Station when arrive at Wuzhen on the 1st day.


      3. How to tour in Wuzhen Town? 

      1) More info about the East Part and West Part of Wuzhen Town:
      When arrived at Wuzhen Bus Station, tourists should take the tricycle to the ancient Wuzhen town. It is around 10 minutes from the Bus Station to the West Part of Wuzhen Town. Maybe costs around RMB20 - RMB30 one way for one tricycle. 


      Ancient Wuzhen Town Tourist Area is with West and East Part. There is around 1.5 or 2 km between them. Normally one day tour can only visit one part.


      The East Part is developed early and now there are still the local people staying in it. There are two streets along one limpid narrow canal with old buildings and bridges and nice canals in it. The entrance fee of it is cheaper than west part. So it is very crowded and almost all of the one day tour group of local Chinese to Wuzhen from Shanghai organized by travel services would only visit this East Part of Wuzhen, because it is cheaper. But tell you the truth that the cream of Wuzhen is its West Part - it is somewhat like a very very big Xintiandi (The Xintiandi area is the most famous fashion center inside the old building region in the former French Concession in downtown Shanghai.), but in the shape of South China Water Village with cannels, rivers, islands, bridges, temples, Pagoda, former farmers buildings, many long and old streets, gardens and so on... 


      The official website of Wuzhen is: http://www.wuzhen.com.cn/

      It has the English version. So you can have more info in their website. 


      When you arrive at the West Part of Wuzhen, you will buy the entrance ticket at the Reception Hall which is right like a charming hotel lobby but in the typical ancient Chinese features. If you stay in the hotel in the West Part of Wuzhen, you will also check in your hotel here. Your luggage will be shipped into your hotel from here and you will check in the West Part of Wuzhen at this hall. then you will take a boat from the Check-in Lobby side to cross a picturesque lake to get into the town. It is free of charge. (of course you can also walk along the causeway to get into it.) 


      The main street inside the West Part is around 1800 m from the east end to the west end. The old local peoples residences by the side of the street have been converted into home stay hotel which can meet the international standard. But government also employed the original owner of these houses to maintain these hotel rooms. So you will find that they will tell you that these rooms are their home and you are welcome to visit their home.


      The boat course is around 1700m long. You can take boat there. But is only takes around 20 or 30 minutes. It should be paid additionally.


      2) Some Tips about the sightseeing at Wuzhen Town:
      If you take a private car, you can visit the East Part of Wuzhen when you arrive at Wuzhen at first. It is near the highway and the long distance bus station. After the tour in the East Part of Wuzhen, you can get to the West Part of Wuzhen to check in the hotel and the scenic area. Then enjoy the charming night view at the West Part of Wuzhen. You can also enjoy your time at the riverside bars there at night. 


      The set ticket totally for the East and West Part of Wuzhen is RMB200 per adult, RMB135 for the baby with the height between 1.2 -1.5 m, Below 1.2 m baby is free of charge. 


      If you buy the ticket separately, the entrance ticket to the West Part of Wuzhen is RMB150 and to the East Part is RMB120 per adult. 


      You also need to buy the entrance ticket even if you stay inside the West Part of Wuzhen.


      You can get out of the West Part of Wuzhen during your stay in the West Part of Wuzhen. Please be sure that do not forget to tell the guard when you leave the West Part of Wuzhen that you stay inside the West Part of Wuzhen and will come back again, and they will ask you to leave your fingerprint there. 


      If you take the long distance bus to Wuzhen, you should check in the hotel at the West Part of Wuzhen at first. Then leave the West Part of Wuzhen to get to the East Part of Wuzhen for a visit.


      4. Accommodation at Wuzhen Town: 

      We suggest tourists can stay inside the West Part of Wuzhen. It is because the night view inside the West Part of Wuzhen is extremely enchanting. The special experience of overnight in an ancient water town by the side of the ancient canal would be an unforgettable experience to any tourist. And the wonderland like night view in this West Part of Wuzhen Town is commonly regarded as the most fascinating view in Wuzhen.


      There are 3-star home stay hotel and 5-star luxurious hotels in the West Part of Wuzhen Town. The hotel in Wuzhen is always in short of supply. So please kindly ask us to book the hotel for you in Wuzhen early.


      We suggest maybe you can stay in the 3-star home stay hotel in the West Part of Wuzhen. They were converted from the old farmer houses but totally renovated and can meet the international standard. And they are much cheaper than the new 5-star hotels.


      Room rate: 





      1) Sunday night to Thursday night:

      For 2 people stay stay:

      2-beds room or One 1.5 m wide bed room of the 4-star Home Stay inside the West Part of Wuzhen is RMB560 one room with southern China water village style breakfast, 


      For 1 person stay stay:

      One 1.2 m wide bed room of the 4-star Home Stay inside the West Part of Wuzhen is RMB320 one room with southern China water village style breakfast.


      For 3 people stay stay:

      3-beds room of the 4-star Home Stay inside the West Part of Wuzhen is RMB680 with southern China water village style breakfast. 


      2) Friday night to Saturday night: 

      For 2 people stay stay:

      2-beds room or One 1.5 m wide bed room of the 4-star Home Stay in the West Part of Wuzhen is RMB680 one room with southern China water village style breakfast, 


      For 1 person stay stay:

      One 1.2 m wide bed room of the 4-star Home Stay inside the West Part of Wuzhen is RMB380 one room with southern China water village style breakfast.


      For 2 people stay stay:

      3-beds room of the 4-star Home Stay inside the West Part of Wuzhen is RM830 with southern China water village style breakfast.


      The room can be either street view or river view.


      * Tourist still needs to pay the entrance ticket to the West Part of Wuzhen: CNY 150.
      If tourist plans to visit both West and East Part of Wuzhen, the entrance ticket fee is CNY 190.