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Itinerary Name: 2-Day Holiday at a 4000 Years Old Village in Shaoxing from Shanghai with Traffic+Hotel Service

Some Photos of Dayu New Century Resort, a Village with 4000 Years History:




1. How many days it would be suitable to stay at Dayu New Century Resort in Shaoxin city?

Normally 2 Days / 1 Night is enough.


2. How to get to the Dayu New Century Resort in Shaoxing from Shanghai?

It is very easy for tourists to get to Shaoxing from Shanghai. There are many bullet trains, say around every 20 or 40 minutes, between Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shaoxing North Railway Station. It is only around 1.5 hours on the way. One way 2nd class seat ticket of the bullet train between Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shaoxin North Railway Station is RMB132 include service fee.


After arriving at the Shaoxing North Railway Station, tourists can take taxi to the Dayu New Century Resort. It takes around 22 KM / 40 Minutes one way. One way taxi fee is around RMB 70.


3. How to spend your time in the Resort?
We suggest tourists can enjoy the unique Southern China water village atmosphere in the village. Meanwhile, you can also taste the nice authentic local dishes, enjoy tea or coffee in the charming restaurants and bars in the village. If you like, you can also visit the Great Yus Mausoleum which is only 600 meters away.


There are also some more famous attractions in Shaoxing, such as Lanting (Orchid Pavilion) - the sacred place for calligraphy of writing brush; Former Residence of Mr. Lu Xun (One of the best authors in China and he is even one of the name cards of Chinese literature.) and the well protected ancient Shaoxing City. But they are either in the downtown Shaoxing or to the west of Shaoxing. So if you only stay one night there, we do not suggest tourists to visit them.