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Itinerary Name: 2-Day Holiday at Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou inside Tea Plantation Mountains from Shanghai with Traffic+Hotel Service

Some Photos of the Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou inside the Famous Longjing Tea Plantation Mountain 




1. How many days it would be suitable to stay at Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou inside Tea Plantation Mountains?

Normally 2 Days / 1 Night is enough.


2. How to get to the Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou from Shanghai?

It is very easy for tourists to get to Hangzhou from Shanghai. There are bullet trains, say around every 10 or 15 minutes, between Shanghai and Hangzhou. It is only around 1 hour to 1.5 hours on the way.


After arriving at the Railway Station in Hangzhou, tourists can follow the signs in the railway station to the taxi station to take taxi to the Landison Longjing Resort Hangzhou. It takes around 10 km / 30 minutes from Hangzhou Downtown Railway Station to the hotel, or 18 km / 50 minutes from Hangzhou East Railway Station to the hotel.


3. How to spend your time in the Resort?
We suggest tourists can enjoy the tranquil charming scenery of the tea plantation mountains in and near the hotel. Meanwhile, you can also taste the nice authentic local dishes (Hangzhou Cuisine is one of the 8 most famous cuisines in China) in the charming restaurants, enjoy the Longjing Tea (Longjing Tea is commonly considered as the best green tea in China) in the tea house or coffee in the bars in the hotel. If you like, you can also walk to Longjing Tea Village or take a taxi to the picturesque West Lake.