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Itinerary Name: 2 Full Days Tour to Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Bullet Train between Shanghai and Mt. Huangshan
Day 1
Morning Bullet Train from Shanghai to Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Get up to the top of the Mountain
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight in Huangshan City

In the morning, make your own way to the railway station in Shanghai, take the bullet train for around 3 hours from Shanghai to the North Railway Station in Huangshan City (Tunxi Town).


Upon your arrival, youll be picked up by your local guide and transferred to Tangkou Town (汤口镇 in Chinese) from Huangshan North Railway Station, it would take 45 km/45 minutes. And the ride offers great views of the rural Anhui Province.


You will get to the local shuttle bus station at Tangkou Town. Take the shuttle bus (arranged by the Huangshan Scenery Area) to the lower Cable Car Station. The shuttle service operates every 20 minutes to the Hot Springs Area, Ci Guang Ge Cable Car Station and Yun Gu Si Cable Car Station. You cannot go direct to the Cable Car Station by your own van, only the local shuttle buses are allowed into the scenic area. 


Cable car up to the top of Mountain and overnight at the top of Mt. Huangshan, the most spectacular mountain in China and the UNESCO World Heritage.  


- Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain): Around 600 km to the west of Shanghai and commonly regarded as the most spectacular mountain in China, the mountain is a landform typical of Mesozoic granite and renowned for its magnificent mountainous landscape made up of many granite peaks and numerous grotesquely-shaped rocks emerging out of a sea of clouds, and ancient, gnarled pines, hot springs, winter snow, and views of the clouds from above. The Mountain has inspired the influential Shanshui (“Mountain and Water”) school of landscape painting, and literature, as well as modern photography, providing a fundamental representation of the oriental landscape in the world’s imagination and art. Mt. Huangshan features numerous imposing peaks, 77 of which exceed an altitude of l,000 m. The three tallest and best-known peaks are Lotus Peak (Lianhua Feng, 1,864 m), Bright Summit (Bright-Top Peak or Guangming Ding, 1,840 m), and Celestial Capital Peak (Tiandu Feng, literally Capital of Heaven Peak, 1,829 m). It is the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1990, and one of Chinas major tourist destinations.  


More about Mt.Huangshan at Wikipedia: 

More about Mt.Huangshan at UNESCO official website:



Day 2
Tour in Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Bullet Train back to Shanghai
Meal:Not included in the quotation
Hotel:Overnight on Top of Mt. Huangshan

Tour in Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in the morning. Afterwards, get down from the the top of mouintain by the cable car and take the local shuttle bus back to Tangykou Town. Then take your private car back to the railway station in Huangshan City (around 45 km/45 minutes). Say Goodbye to your local guide and take the late evening bullet train from Mt. Huangshan back to Shanghai (around 3 hours on the way).