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4 Days in Tulou (Earth Buildings of Hakka) Area, Fujian Province

4 Days in Tulou (Earth Buildings of Hakka) Area, Fujian Province
Tour Code: CN-CUL06
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CNY 1148 p/p
4 day
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Nanjing County & Yongding County in Fujian Province
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Itinerary Features
The Outstanding Universal Value of the Tulou Building (Earth Building) mentioned at the UNESCO World Heritage website:

The Fujian Tulou are the most representative and best preserved examples of the tulou of the mountainous regions of south-eastern China. The large, technically sophisticated and dramatic earthen defensive buildings, built between the 13th and 20th centuries, in their highly sensitive setting in fertile mountain valleys, are an extraordinary reflection of a communal response to settlement which has persisted over time. The tulou, and their extensive associated documentary archives, reflect the emergence, innovation, and development of an outstanding art of earthen building over seven centuries. The elaborate compartmentalised interiors, some with highly decorated surfaces, met both their communities’ physical and spiritual needs and reflect in an extraordinary way the development of a sophisticated society in a remote and potentially hostile environment. The relationship of the massive buildings to their landscape embodies both Feng Shui principles and ideas of landscape beauty and harmony.


MainTourist Attractions in the Itinerary:


In Nanjing County:

Taxia Village (塔下村)Nanjing Yunshuiyao Earth Buildings Area (南靖云水谣景区 in Mandarin), Nanjing Tianluokeng Earth Buildings Area (南靖田螺坑土楼群 in Mandarin).


In Yongding District in Longyan City (former Yongding County)

the Gaobei Earth Buildings (高北土楼群 in Mandarin), the Hongkeng Earth Buildings Area (洪坑土楼群 in Mandarin) and the Nanxi Earth Buildings Area (南溪土楼群 in Mandarin) - the 3 most representative Tulou groups in the world.