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Half Day Walking in East Former French Concession in Shanghai

Half Day Walking in East Former French Concession in Shanghai
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Itinerary Features

Many tourists got interested at the former French Concession in Shanghai, but maybe would think one day walking in this vast area is kind of tired. We have 2 half day tour itineraries specially designed to guide tourists to enjoy the essence of the well protected areas in the East Part or West Part in the former French Concession. Here is for the East Part of the famous French Town in Shanghai. This part is in or near the the main shopping center and CBD in Shanghai. Many well protected elegant old buildings have been developed for the commercial purpose. So they are more enchanting than other parts in the former French Concession. 

The former French Concession, also known as French Town, is the highlight for many tourists to Shanghai. The French Concession existed in Shanghai from 6 April 1849 until 1946, reputedly the worlds largest French Concession. Now pleasant tree-lined streets, long and complicated alleyways and many fine old houses in the area (Most historic buildings have a bronze plaque that details their original use.) still retain an air of the "Paris of the East", delivering much of what this fabled city promises.


It is a famous fashionable area in China and a fantastic place for spending leisure time. Now its also become the citys hottest and hippest neighborhood, where a lot of  celebrities ornate old villas have been renovated and opened for visitors, many old houses, even whole neighbourhoods have been renovated and reimagined, converted to cafes, restaurants, boutiques and galleries. Trendy bars and clubs multiply like mushrooms after a rainstorm. Get away from the busy streets, you can spend hours wandering in the sylvan streets and narrow alleyways, passing tudor houses nestled in beautiful gardens, resting in a cafe or dining in a restaurant, enjoy the boutiques or browsing through the endless art galleries and photographic studios. This Guided Walk Tour would bring you the special charming form of the French Concession, for sure it is an absolutely unique urban experience. 


The main places you will visit:

Lane 163, South Maoming Road (Built in 1921, it is one of the most famous Garden Villa Lanes in Shanghai), Former Residence of Zhou Enlai in Shanghai, Sinan Mansions, The Former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Fuxing Park (Old name Parc de Kuokaza or French Garden), Shanghai Science Hall (old name: College Francais, Ecole de Franc in French), Xintiandi, The Shikumen Open House Museum, the Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China.


The main roads you will pass:

Middle Huaihai Road (built in 1901named in 1915 to Avenue Joffre), South Maoming Road (old name Route Cardinal Mercier), Middle Fuxing Road (Old name Route Lafayette), Sinan Road (Old name Rue Massenet), Xiangshan Road (Old name Rue Moliere), Gaolan Road (old name Rue Corneille), Yandang Road (Old name Rue de Camp), Nanchang Road (old name: Route Vallon), Xingye Road (old name Rue Wantz), Hubin Road (Lakeside Road)


The Map of Concessions in Shanghai and Shanghai Old Town: